The Epic Quest to Disney (My Journey Begins)

In February I applied on a whim to the Disney college program. Guess what, I made it. I applied one evening by taking the first online web survey. I mad it through that step , then I continued my application by doing the next phase of the web survey. Nervously I awaited the response whether I made it through or not. Then that same night I got an email to set up a phone interview with a recruiter.

Several days later I sat nervously in My dorm’s office eating a grilled cheese and anxiously awaited the call from the recruiter. The phone rang, I hurriedly picked up the phone and simultaneously choked down my sandwich. The interview sped by and I worried I blew it. Once the call was over, the wait was on. The three other theatre majors that applied with me and I all spent many a day nervously checking emails and physical mailboxes. Then the day came. Whilst making a Wal-Mart run with several members of the Blinn theatre department I checked my email and there it sat… My acceptance email.I felt joy rush up through my feet up to my forehead and I let out an audible yell and did a dumb jig. I was going to be a Disney cast member from August to January.

After many months of preparation and nervous apprehension the day came, August 7. We loaded up the rental car and left my humble Texan home and set out for Gulf shores, Alabama. Being that it was midnight, the little boys were asleep and Mom and I sat in the front and listened to Coast to Coast and made the drive into the deep south. Around 8am that next day we arrived in Alabama. The nigh drive wasn’t bad at all. Even though Micah, The youngest of the Matlock brothers. decided to go into buccees without pants. Besides that all went well!

In Alabama  the plan was for the littles and  me to play on the beach all day and let my mom rest in the car. The plan started off pretty well. We got to a uncrowded, beautiful beach and rented some chairs and an umbrella. The boys went to swim and I just chilled in the shade. All was well until Micah came back to the chair complaining about his back burning. I thought that he was just whining and told him he was fine and probably just got accidentally scratched. Then a few minutes later he came back again. This time however, He had red welts all over him and he appeared to be having an allergic reaction. I decided I should take him back to the car and see what Mom could do to help the little guy out. Upon returning to the car my mom inspected Micah all over and decided to spray some Benadryl on it to help soothe the reaction. We figured that micah was stung by a jellyfish, which are a common occurrence in gulf shores, and that we should get a hotel for the night so Micah could rest. We found a Holiday Inn fairly close and checked in ad we all got some much-needed rest.

The next day we set out for homestead florida. Florida City florida to be more specific. We were headed there to pick Corbin up from His scuba trip down to the keys with the scout troop. This day was pretty uneventful and we just rode for the 12 hours it took us to get down to the tip of florida

This morning  We visited Biscayne national park and went on a nature hike to check out the bay. We saw lots of different wildlife on the hike. The boys spotted several different fish and Micah pointed out what we thought was an iguana. The boys also took a dip in the water, it was a pretty good little adventure.

Upon returning to the hotel we packed up the room and waited fo Corbin to meet us at the hotel. At around noon Corbin arrived and we hit the road. We were headed to Orlando when we reached two police cars blocking the road. With much confusion we pulled into the nearest parking lot and discovered that there was a massive fire right next to the road and there had to be a road closure. Being a unexpected twist we turned around and had to head towards tamp so that the GPS would cooperate and not try to get us to sneak past the police blockade.

About an hour or two later we found a back roads route to Orlando and we set out on it. After we started on our voyage we started to see fruit stands along the road. My Mom, being very adventurous, pulls over and tells me to go into one of these stands to get some local fruits. Within this stand is a whole slew of scary people. One notable character was the cuban equal to Vin Diesel. Swallowing my fear I picked up a couple of things and bought them then proceeded to run back to the car. I got some delicious bananas, a tomato that looked like it was from the local grocery store,an unripened mango, a fruit that I could have sworn was a guava but turned out to be an avocado, and an actual avocado. Needless to say I kinda didn’t know what I was doing. The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. A couple of hours later we arrived at the hotel and I decided to make this inaugural blog post about my travels.

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