Christmas Recap

Today is Christmas, a day when we wake up and spend the day with family and friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I feel like Christmas day should be more than just a day to receive gifts. It shouldn’t matter what we got or didn’t get. As a Christian I view the 25 of December as a day to remember what God did for us by sending his son. Before I get too theological on this post Ill recap the goings on in My family today. 1528716_10152487115408079_1864634525_n

This morning we woke up and took pictures in front of the tree. This is important to relate because in my family we have a tradition of everyone wearing the same pajamas so we can take good pictures christmas morning. After opening gifts at the house we all got ready and headed to Mimi and Papa’s for lunch and more gifts. I think I feel more comfortable there every time we visit, I suppose Im starting to feel more like family.  IMG_1449

Over all I had a very good Christmas this year. Now I can start getting ready to head back to Blinn for another semester of hard work!

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