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Street Juggling and The New Hall Director

Oh boy this weekend has been busy! Ive done so much this weekend its crazy! I juggled in the historic downtown of Brenham, installed a new banjo pick up, got to know my new hall director, and even threw a party!

The first thing I’d like to blog about is my very first time street juggling or for succinctness sake busking. So there we were Kyle, my new friend Kacie, and I and we were trying to find something to do after we had been jamming for a while and I had this sudden idea that we could go down town and I could juggle and try to get some cash and all of us being broke college kids there were no objections to this idea. So we set out on a quest to become street performers! first we gathered all my props, which basically is just my stage balls and a box with a rock in it and walked down town and set up shop. To be honest it was very slow because Brenham shuts down on the weekend and we didn’t see very many people but hey for the first time ever it was a good taste on how to do it. Over all we managed no get three whole dollars, astounding right? Going further ID like to make this a common thing! Next time we go It’ll probably be a friday and Ill definitely bring my bluetooth speaker because juggling in the quiet is kinda boring. Kyle also had the idea of bringing instruments next time just to mix things up! so that was my adventure with busking!

Moving on, On thursday my dorm got its new hall director moved in and let me tell ya, he’s great! His name is Max Wronker, he hails from the land of florida where he was a residential assistant at the Southern Florida University for 3 years. Some of his hobbies include banjo, guitar, and Video gaming. He really enjoys working with college folks so the job he has now is the perfect match for him! I really think that he will do a good job at memorial and he has been really helpful with what ever questions I have, he’s really been a role model for how I want to be as an RA and the guy has only been here for three days haha.

Church was good yesterday! we discussed god’s “plan” or promise rather for us while here on earth. We discussed things like, Does God hate Satan? and Does God put obstacles in our life or does he just help us through them? Both of these questions caould be a whole post on there own haha. I really enjoy my college bible study class, Ive learned so much even though the only thing that we have gone over is James. After church Max and I set up for the super bowl. all in all this weekend was a success!