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Christmas Recap

Today is Christmas, a day when we wake up and spend the day with family and friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I feel like Christmas day should be more than just a day to receive gifts. It shouldn’t matter what we got or didn’t get. As a Christian I view the 25 of December as a day to remember what God did for us by sending his son. Before I get too theological on this post Ill recap the goings on in My family today. 1528716_10152487115408079_1864634525_n

This morning we woke up and took pictures in front of the tree. This is important to relate because in my family we have a tradition of everyone wearing the same pajamas so we can take good pictures christmas morning. After opening gifts at the house we all got ready and headed to Mimi and Papa’s for lunch and more gifts. I think I feel more comfortable there every time we visit, I suppose Im starting to feel more like family.  IMG_1449

Over all I had a very good Christmas this year. Now I can start getting ready to head back to Blinn for another semester of hard work!

A Day in the Life of Cole (Part 2)

So, the trip to Nacogdoches was a blast. As soon as I finished putting the clear coat on Corbin’s workbench my friend Shannon arrived and we piled into the car and headed to our destination.

Along the way I got to meet Shannon’s boyfriend. His name is Angel. Angel is quite a person he is 22 years old and works for a cellphone company. I think he’s is a swell guy even though I thought initially that he wouldn’t want to go to Nacogdoches with some kids He had never met. But He enjoyed geocaching very much and he’s gonna continue to cache which I think its awesome!


Not only was this road trip for geocaching it was to visit Sarah too. I really enjoyed caching with my girlfriend, surprising right? We managed to get 5 caches, 3 of which were micros and the other two were regular sized caches. Side note, Sarah’s grandmother actually owns one of the shops in the historic downtown area! I though you all should know that.

All said and done my trip up to Naca-nowhere way probably one of the best days Ive had in a while.

A Day in the Life of Cole (Part 1)

Pre clear coat.

Pre clear coat.

I began My day with the fume filled aroma of clear coat. As we near Christmas we are starting to finish up projects we have been working on. Recently I have been doing a lot of clear coating this weekend I clear coated Bailey’s Stable and today I applied the base coat for Corbin’s workbench. Lets talk about that…

Since I want to blog things that I can look back on and see how I’ve changed Ive decided to chronicle my process of painting. There are several things that go into my process the steps are set up, application, and clean up. Pretty simple aye?

Lets talk about each step! First is the set up, this includes music, tool gathering, and work space prep. Whenever I first enter the shop I put my phone on the charger and airplay whatever music I wanna play, then I get the brush (I think I used what is called a fitch, I’ll have to fact check that.), paint, floor protection, and a little black tray that have been repurposed from food tays from “My Fit Foods”. Once properly equipped I prepare the workspace. This task requires me to simply sweep and shop vac up anything that can get in the paint. Once the space is nuisance free I can begin to apply the paint.

When ever I apply the clear coat I start in the inside and work out so that I don’t have to lean over wet paint… It’s the little things. With the workbench I took out all the drawers and shelves and painted them separately. Drawers and shelves removed I painted the inside compartments. Once those were done I applied on the outside of the bench and let is dry. For clean up I just washed the brush and closed the paint can and CHIP CHOP CHIP the workbench was clear coated.

Base coat

Base coat

Now, not only had I planned to clear coat that bench I also planned to ride up to Nacogdoches to geocache with Sarah and the gang, but this part of my day is best left for its own post. Stay tuned for part two of “A Day in the Life of Cole”